About Us

Founder: Samuel Agustus McCalla

Accountant, Businessman, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Auctioneer and Appraiser. Mr. McCalla established S.A. McCalla and Associates in 1963 in Saint Ann. Over the years it has developed an impeccable reputation for its forthright appraisals of property and has served the financial sector throughout the Island. He was a founding member of the Realtors Association of Jamaica and became its president from 1988 to 1990. He went on to serve the Real Estate Board of Jamaica after it was legally established to govern the Real Estate industry in Jamaica. The company continues to grow and now serves Saint Mary, Saint Ann, and Kingston..

Company Director: Mr. William C. McCalla. L.L.B, C.L.E, J.P, Attorney-at-Law and Partner of the firm of Robinson, Phillips and Whitehorne

Mr. William McCalla has been a practicing Attorney since 1976. He has wide experience in conveyancing and commercial practice, housing development, mortgage and real estate practice. He is also chief executive officer of Caribbean Car Rental Ltd. and is president of the Jamaica Rent-A- Car Association Limited. On the death of the Founder he incorporated the real estate practice of S.A. McCalla and Associates by creating S.A. McCalla Realtors Limited. He sits on the board as its chairman and guides the company by virtue of his legal expertise.

Company Director: The Hon Mrs. Zaila McCalla, O.J. Chief Justice of Jamaica

Mrs. McCalla also sits on the board to offer her advice to the company gained from her years in banking and law before she joined the government service and rose to her present position. In view of her busy schedule her attendance at meetings is at her discretion. She receives no director’s fees or other financial reward.

Qualifying Director: Mrs. Claudia Bent, Licensed Real Estate Broker

Born in the UK and with experience as a legal secretary, Mrs Bent joined the company as a licensed real estate sales agent in 1994 after successfully sitting the real estate agents exam at the University of Technology. She learnt the real estate trade from Samuel McCalla himself and with his encouragment attended the University of Technology real estate dealers examination in 2003 and successfuly passed but decided to continue with the company. Upon the incorporation of S A McCalla (Realtors) Limited, Mrs Bent was appointed qualifying director and she is committed to keeping the reputation of the company intact while moving it forward.

Company Secretary: Mrs. Hoilet Henry


Sales Associate: Mr. Mark Holness

Mr. Holness joined the company as a licensed real estate sales agent in 2012 after completing the real estate agents exam at the University of Technology. .

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Sales Associate: Ms. Paulette Landell



Sales Associate: Miss Lesley Ann McCalla. B.Sc. (Hons), Real Estate Agent

Miss McCalla joined the company in 2007 after completing her undergraduate degree at the University of the West Indies and obtaining her qualification as a real estate agent from the University of Technology. Miss McCalla is currently an Attorney at Law, having completed her law degree in 2010 and graduated from the Norman Manley Law School in 2012.

At her graduation she was named most outstanding student at the Norman Manley Legal Aid Clinic. Lesley currently specialises in civil litigation, criminal defence, divorce and other family matters, real estate transactions and Probate and Administration matters.

She is uniquely qualified to serve the companies clientele as both as real estate agent and an Attorney at Law.